Millonarios vs Bucaramanga EN VIVO Online Coverage Colombia A

The ‘Envoys’ drew (1-1) against Deportivo Pasto for the main day of the Colombian competition at home. After the game, the DT of “Millo”, Alberto Gamero, communicated self-analysis and, particularly, for the exhibition of his group for the correlative stage.

Millonarios vs Bucaramanga EN VIVO

“There were two distinct times. In the second, I hadn’t seen the group so uncertain for some time, that annoyed me. The last part was what I could have done without, we didn’t function admirably,” he said at a question and answer session.

Then again, he talked about the absence of signings. “Employing, it has not been imaginable. It isn’t so much that that Gamero doesn’t ask, it isn’t so much that that the administrators would rather not bring, it is that it has not been imaginable. We talked with Dayro, with Fernando Uribe, with Leo Castro. We heard that Sambueza was free, we talked with him and it was impractical. The Cariaco (González) thing wasn’t possible by the same token” , he referenced.

Millonarios vs Bucaramanga EN VIVO

Concerning match against Atlético Bucaramanga, Luis Carlos Ruiz and David Macalister Silva are arising as starters in the hostile. Furthermore, Álvaro Montero expects to square himself under the three sticks.

The feature is Dayro Moreno, the group’s top scorer, one of the veterans of the panther group and he is likewise the group’s most significant hostile piece, since last competition he scored 13 objectives and was one of the competition’s top scorers.

The feature is Daniel Ruiz, the youthful midfielder on the left is perhaps of the main piece in the blue offense. Last competition stood apart a ton and he partook in a few of the objectives of the diplomat group.

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