McGregor Want to Rematch Against Khabib on His UFC Return

Conor McGregor Want to Rematch With Khabib

Conor McGregor wants to rematch Khabib on his UFC return. But there is one person on his wat to fight against “Russian Beast” Tony Ferguson is next in line for the lightweight belt.

Conor McGregor is out from the Octagon due to the injury of his left hand, and want to come back on the arena where he left the game against “The Eagle”.

According to the TSN Sports UFC president, Dana White has words with Conor last week and revealed 31 years old want to rematch against Nurmagomedov on his comeback. Watch Khabib Vs Dustin

But there is man No 1 lightweight Ferguson is ahead of the Irish superstar in the “Pecking Order” to challenge for the lightweight title.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is going to defend the 155lb crown against interim champion Dustin Poirier at UFC 242  in Abu Dhabi on September 7. Khabib Vs Dustin UFC 242

The Russian Beast desire to face Tony Ferguson after the UFC 242. n the other hand Conor McGregor wants to rematch with Khabib on his UFC return, There is an important question who will beat or fight against Irish star at UFC 229 in October. UFC 249 Starting Time

McGregor Return To Octagon

The Southpaw KO artist Masvidal is linking to clash with Conor after they scored the quickest KO in UFC history. “A five-second win against Ben Askren”.

But UFC President Dana White denied this and explain Masvidal is too big for the Irish fighter. This is not a good combination against Conor. After the UFC 240, Dana White explains McGregor was not happy that i said Masvidal is too big for Irish star”.

Before this Irish man fought welterweight, both against Nate Diaz in 2016, Conor wad forced to move up to 170lb from featherweight to face Diaz at UFC 196, And this man proved his self against any fighter and go beyond the limits on the point of weight.

Before this point, McGregor has indicated plans to win the Welterweight title on several occasions and become the first three-weight UFC Champion.


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