Khabib Vs Poirier Odds UFC 242 Betting Edge

Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs Dustin Poirier is going to happen at UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi 7, September. As we discuss previous records of both UFC fighters Khabib is unbeaten till now and fought 27 till now, but his last fight took him to the spotlight where he beat Cono McGregor in UFC 229 and become Lightweight Champion. On the other side, Dustin Poirier fought 25 fights and he loses 5 fights till now he is the best MMA fighter. Now Khabib Vs Poirier is heating up and people start betting on this fight.

Khabib vs Ferguson Odds

Khabib vs Poirier UFC 242 fight at Abu Dhabi is heating up these days, This is the most discussable topic these days especially for UFC fans which fighter will win. Because they want to make money by their fight and pick the best fighter according to the best fighting skills. Khabib Vs Poirier Odds is now in trending these days.


UFC 242 Betting Edge

Many people start discussing the next upcoming event of the Ultimate Fight Champion (UFC),  UFC 242 is the 2019 best event just 6 days away from now people start betting on their favourite fighters. On this point, MMA expert Kyle Marley explained his views on Betting edge.

“In general, I always look at style vs. style and skill vs. skill when picking fights,” Marley said while discussing the upcoming UFC 242 bout. “A fighter with a dominant wrestling game like Khabib is usually the best style to bet on because they control where the fight takes place. I highly doubt Khabib looks to strike with Poirier for five rounds, so I have to think Poirier spends a lot of time on his back and that’s why the odds are where they are. I also don’t think Poirier will get a submission off his back or be able to win a decision, so it’s probably KO or bust for him.”

Watch Online UFC 242 Poirier vs Khabib

You can watch Poirier Vs Khabib on PPV, This is the best and easiest option. Poirier vs Khabib odds/Bettings are now open on different platforms. Watch Online Poirier Vs Khabib in UFC official website by paying different amounts according to the different fights. Khabib is unbeaten till now on the other side Poirier lose just 5 fights and fought 25 fights. You can also watch UFC 242 in Xbox, Kodi stream by using these platforms you need to confirm before the game the requirements of the live stream of UFC 242.

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