Dana White Insists UFC 249 Khabib Vs Feguson After Coronavirus

UFC main person Dana White (President) confirms the date of Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs Tony Ferguson UFC 249, But at the main time something unwanted happens and covers all the globe with its danger, Yes you got the right Coronavirus to disturb all the activities around the world. But UFC President insists that Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs Tony Ferguson will happen at any cost anywhere on the world.

Dana White Statement on Khabib Vs Ferguson

However, Dana White told during an interview: “We do not have a location set for UFC 249. I’m focused all day every day to find a venue. Everywhere is an option for this massive fight including international locations or potentially Las Vegas. It’s my only priority to find a location. This fight will happen.”

ufc 249 after corona

Why UFC 249 Important for Dana White?

This is very interesting to see Dana White is pushing Khabib Vs Tony Ferguson at any cost, What’s the reason behind this one why this fight is important for Dana White. As everyone knows due to Coronavirus every activity of the world is almost closed. But UFC president confirms this fight UFC 249 will happen and also share to the fans “Stay Safe Stay Home” this is the best time for the people of the world to stay home and watch their best fighter to fight in UFC 249 in close doors.

Will UFC 249 Cancel After Coronavirus?

Everybody in the world who has a little bit of knowledge about the UFC or MMA curious about the world’s biggest fight Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs Tony Ferguson in UFC 249. But there is no need to worry UFC main backbone Dana White confirms during his Instagram account this will happen at any cost anywhere on the world. I know there is lot of pressure on the Dana at this time due to the Coronavirus but he is not taking a step back.

Till now we are sure by the Dana Khabib Vs Ferguson will happen, But the location is not decided yet, So hope for the best stay home stay safe and enjoy UFC 249 Main Event Khabib Vs Ferguson at ESPN and ESPN+ at your tv screen or mobile.

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