Jaguares vs Millonarios EN VIVO Online Coverage Copa Colombia

tycoons against Jaguares LIVE They face each other in the second leg of the round of 16 of the Copa Colombia 2022 . The match will be played at the Jaraguay Stadium, beginning at 6:00 p.m. (Peruvian and Colombian time), through Win Sports. All together not to miss the ONLINE inclusion of this and other matches today, go to the La República Deportes site, where you will find the affirmed line-ups, the refreshed scoreboard step by step and the synopsis with the end-product. .

Millonarios de Bogotá will try to seal their capability for the following period of the Copa Colombia when they visit Jaguares de Córdoba in Montería. The blue cast has the main opportunity to qualify after the agreeable 3-0 they accomplished at home in the principal leg.

A draw, and, surprisingly, a 2-0 misfortune, was enough for the cast from the cash-flow to guarantee their pass to the quarterfinals. With a spot previously guaranteed in the BetPlay League end of the season games, mentor Alberto Gamero would decide to introduce an elective eleven in this match.

If you would rather not miss the transmission of Millionaires versus Jaguares on the web, interface with the ONLINE sign of Win Sports, the web-based feature of this sports chain, in the event that you don’t approach you additionally have the chance of acquiring data through the ONLINE inclusion of La República Deportes.

In the interim, the catlike group grips to a wonder to reverse the situation and remain alive in somewhere around one rivalry in the wake of becoming undesirable with the nearby title by completing twelfth in the standings.

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