How To Watch Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs Dustin Poirier Live Stream

Facing your seat belts and get ready for the another UFC 242 thrill fight. The UFC 242 will feature some really exciting fights including the main event between Khabib vs Poirier. The UFC 242 is scheduled for September 7, 2019, and will take place at The Arena, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Viewers who want to watch UFC live stream of the big Khabib vs Poirierfree fight, here we have made a complete guide for you on how you can stream UFC live online easily.

Fans all around the globe are very excited and eagerly waiting to see Russian King Khabib Nurmagomedov The Eagle, He is unbeaten till now with a 27-0 track record. On the second side, Dustin Poirier is also the best MMA fighter and his track record is 25-5. Watch Online Khabib Vs Ferguson UFC 249.

How To Watch UFC 242 From VPN

There is a very important question revolving between the UFC fans how they can watch UFC 242. So there is no need to worry if you want to watch Khabib Vs Dustin without Cable. You just need to VPN to bypass geo-restrictions because most of the UFC live streaming channels and services are geo-blocked and only accessible in specific locations. By using VPN service you are able to watch UFC 242 all fights along with Lightweight Championship main card without any restriction.


Online Broadcasting Channels Dor UFC 242 Live Stream

Many online streaming channels will broadcast UFC 242 live around the globe. Many channels demand subscription that will cost you some dollars. but you need to confirm first before the subscription. That these channels are available in your town so that you can enjoy UFC 242 live online without any interruption.


ESPNRequires a cable subscription.
BT Sports (United Kingdom)£22.99- £27.99/month
MatchTV (Russia)Free in Russia
Glob0(Brazil)Requires a cable subscription.

 How You Can Watch UFC 242 in The US For Free

Apart from ESPN / ESPN+, you can also watch UFC 242 live stream for free with MatchTV. These channels are geo-restricted though and can be accessed for free in Russia only. You can work around it though to watch the fight online without buying any subscriptions.

Khabib Vs Poirier Live Stream UFC 242 in UK

This is the best and easy way for the UK living people If you want to watch UFC 242 Lightweight Championship between Khabib Vs Poirier. There is no need to worry regarding to UFC 242 in the UK. You can subscribe to Sky Sports and watch the fight live. If you’re in the UK or outside but don’t want to pay for Sky Sports subscription, then you can get around finding a solution to access MatchTV and watch the UFC live stream on time for free.

UFC 242 PPV Rates

You can watch UFC 242 Pay per View (PPV) in different countries, This is the best and easiest way to watch UFC 242 without any interruption you just need to buy a live streaming link from the UFC official website or platform.


How to Watch UFC 242 Online on Kodi

You can also enjoy UFC 242 on Kodi, For this purpose, you will need to install the best Kodi addons for UFC live stream. By doing that, you will be able to watch the whole event UFC 242 live with absolute ease. Furthermore, you can enjoy other MMA events like One Championship on Kodi with these addons. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Launch Kodi.
  • Install Cerebro IPTV+Addon.
  • Enjoy watching on Kodi.

How You Can Install Cerebro IPTV +on Your Kodi

  • Open Kodi.
  • Go to File Manager and Select Add Source.
  • Hit “None” and enter this link:
  • Click OK.
  • Name the Repo “kodilRepo”.
  • Click OK twice.
  • Return to home screen.
  • Click on Add-Ons.
  • Hit Package Installer Icon.
  • Choose Install from a zip file and click on KodilRepo .
  • Select
  • Wait for the repo to install.
  • Select Install from Repository.
  • Choose Kodil Repository .
  • Select Video Add-ons.
  • Select Cerebro IPTV+.
  • Hit install.
  • Choose Install from a zip file and click on KodilRepo .
  • Select
  • Wait for the repo to install.
  • Select Install from Repository.
  • Choose Kodil Repository.
  • Select Video Add-ons.
  • Select Cerebro IPTV+.
  • Hit install.
  • Head back to Home Screen and Select Add-ons .
  • Launch Cerebro IPTV+ Add-on.
  • Go to IPTV section and enjoy streaming your favorite UFC Channels instantly.

How I Can Watch UFC 242 on Roku

There is no need to worry for Roky fans. You can enjoy UFC 242 live streaming on Roku by following these steps.

  • Download Poprism web browser on Roku.
  • Launch Poprism and visit your preferred channel’s website (Match TV).
  • Enjoy watching UFC 242 on Roku.

How To Watch UFC 242 on PS4

If you have a PlayStation 4 and want the UFC on PS4 experience, then you can do it via Sonyliv UFC live stream and watch Khabib vs Poirierfree fight with the best HD experience. Again, just set up your PS4 in a way that allows you to live stream UFCconveniently. You just need to pay PPV(Pay Per View) to stream UFC 242 and main card Lightweight Championship Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs Dustin Poirier Watch Online.

How to Watch Online UFC 242 on Apple TV

If you want to watch online UFC 242 on Apple TV, you just need to follow these simple steps for this purpose.

  • Connect Apple TV to the router.
  • Start screen mirroring with your iOS (iPhone) device and visit Match TV.
  • Watch UFC 242 live online on your Apple TV with ease.

How Can I watch UFC 242 Live Online on Android Devices

There is another great option for the UFC lovers. If you are an android user and want to watch online UFC 242, Then there is no need to worry. Just follow these simple steps quickly.

  • On PPV day, launch the android browser.
  • Visit for free stream.
  • Enjoy UFC live stream on your android device.

Watch UFC 242 Live Online on Xbox

Xbox users can enjoy UFC live stream on their Xbox device as well. All you need to do is to set up the given guide on Xbox and access MatchTV live stream for UFC 242. Here’s how you can live stream UFC 242 on your Xbox.

  • Open your Xbox internet browser.
  • Go to the match tv.(when UFC goes live).
  • Enjoy the UFC Xbox one experience.

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