Floyd Mayweather Net Worth Officially the World’s Highest-Paid Celebrity

Floyd Mayweather Net worth $560 Million. Floyd Mayweather net worth 560$.And his earning to b estimated excess. And Put him on the line of Michael Jorden and Tiger Wood. Floyd Mayweather gets fame and entered in the list of 1$billion after his fight with famous UFC Fighter Conor McGregor in last year. And people remember this fight for a long time because Conor McGregor is UFC Champion and also the highest paid in UFC history. Watch Khabib Vs Ferguson Online

McGregor Challenge Floyd Mayweather to fight with him in the boxing ring. Flod Mayweather never lose single game in boxing ring.After a great fighting match, Floyd Mayweather wins that game against Conor Mcgregor and this is the second time in Floyd Mayweather Career he wins nine-figure in his single fight and. Before this, he earned $250 Million in his fight against Philippine Boxer named Manny Pacquiao.

Floyd Mayweather LifeStyle

Floyd Mayweather as the highest-paid athlete in the planet living a luxury life. Through his social media account, Insta he shows his luxury living by posting the pictures of his expensive cars Private Jet boats.

He has the best collection of expensive cars like $1.7 Million Bugatti  Veyron and Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita $4.8 Million. He spends his time in 22000 square foot mansion in Las Vegas.


Floyd Mayweather also spends his time also money in gambling. He sit on the table and plays blackjack in the casino. He once bet $1.1 Million in Orange Football game. He claimed after his fight we won $830,000 in one night of gambling.


Floyd Mayweather is looking fresh and active during his 12th round of the fight. He reveals the secret of his success after his fight against Conor Mcgregor who is young and active from him but after some rounds of fights lose his stamina while Floyd Mayweather looks active and fresh. Floyd Mayweather lauched Boxing Gym along with the app 200 Gym with in2 years and 500 in 5 years. And the first Gym opened in California and instead of being named a new one this chain joined with the name of Floyd Mayweather training Camp.

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