Dustin Poirier Interview on Khabib Before UFC 242

Well everyone knows Khabib Nurmagomedov The Russian Eagle is going to defend his Lightweight Championship title against Dustin Poirier 7 Sep at Abu Dhabi. Both fighters reached in U.A.E and today both giants face to face in front of Middle East UFC fans.

Dustin Poirier Interview About Khabib

“I always put a lot of pressure on myself, but he probably has more pressure to perform,” Poirier told MMA Junkie. “Everybody is counting me out. I can only do better than what they think. They hold him to such a high standard he has to go out there and dominate me or he’s going to do less than everyone expects him to do.” KhabibVs Ferguson Live Streaming

Khabib NUrmagomedov never lost a single fight in his career and his record is 27-0, Many people and UFC fans thinks mostly pressure on the Khabib The Russian Eagle. During an inter Dustin Poirier also described Khabib has more pressure as compared to me in UFC 242.

“I think he’s going to be tough and if he hits adversity he’s going to keep grinding forward,” Poirier said. “He seems to like that kind of guy, but until we see it happen or he’s been put in that position, it’s tough to say. I really don’t know. But the plan is to put him in those positions.”

“The run I’m on right now. If I go out there out and stop Khabib, that’s the current featherweight champ (Max Holloway), the current lightweight champ, I’d beat them both back-to-back,” Poirier said. “Then look at the other champs I’ve beat: (Anthony) Pettis, Eddie (Alvarez), (Justin) Gaethje, that’s a lot of champions in a row. The perseverance I’ve had to show to just get to this opportunity is a part of that story ufc khabib vs ferguson to be the best.”

UFC 242 Live Stream

UFC 242 Poirier Vs Khabib live stream only on UFC official website or UFC PPV. Both fighters in great form and already landed their feet on the land of U.A.E before the fight. The main fight (Main Card) Dustin Poirier Vs Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Poirier vs Khabib Previous records

Khabib Nurmagomedov won 27-0 fights till now and still unbeaten in UFC or MMA. On the other side, Dustin Poirier has 25-5 fight record, the most interesting thing about this fight Khabib defeat one of the greatest fighters in the history of UFC The Notorious Conor McGregor last year and won the title of UFC Lightweight Championship, Or Dustin Poirier is Interim Lightweight Champion.

About khabib vs Ferguson

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